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Cleve wanted to share some of his music with you, so sit back and enjoy!

We currently have 3 songs online:
1.  "Reflections On The Wall"
2. "Thank You"
3.  "Freedom's Coming"

The song "Reflections on the wall" was written in 1987 by Cleve Francis. Produced by Arthur Lisi.  Musicians include: Lead vocals-Cleve Francis, Flute-David Yarborough, KeyBoards-Arthur Lisi, Acoustic Guitar-Greg Jennings, Electric Guitar-Greg Jennings, .
     The song is dedicated to the Americans who fought and died in Vietnam, those who fought and survived, those who fought and are missing  their families and friends and to the nation they served so gallantly.


Reflections on the Wall

The right or wrong of war they never asked
instead they heeded the country's call
they fought and died for America
their names are there on the wall
From the North and the South, from the East and the West,
from cities big and small
From the rich and the poor, all colors they bore
their names are there on the wall

They were bright young poets who would never write
Fathers who would never see their children grow tall
As old and as young as they'd ever be
Patriots all, on the wall




Unless we can learn from our past
All their dying will have been in vain
and brave young men will return to war
to add names to the wall again
The wall is here to remind us all
that good and brave men die when their country calls
we pray for a world where peace stands tall
where men don't die in war at all
Their names are there on the wall
all our hopes are there on the wall
all our dreams are there on the wall
somebody's brother is there on the wall
somebody's lover is there on the wall
a crying mother is there at the wall
a praying father is there at the wall
all their names are there on the wall
                  Cleve Francis c1987