Welcome one and all!

Here are a few photographs from Cleve's most recent appearances at the Birchmere and the "Light Up the Night" concert.  We all want to thank Marty LaVor for his fantastic artistry and hard work.  Please note the picture of Marty and Cleve (contributed by a fan).  We decided to include it so that everyone could see Cleve's long-time friend and photographer.

Cleve's appearances are a great treat for everyone . . . a wonderful evening of great music and entertainment!  As always, the band was FANTASTIC!  And at the "Light Up the Night Concert" there was a 100 voice mass choir!  Only at a Cleve Francis concert could you get a treat like that!  And, best of all, the evening was a huge success in raising funds for a most worthy cause! 




WWe're talk'n some serious music being played!
Everyone was deep into it and giving it their all!
Everyone on the stage was beyond belief!


All photographs on this page are
courtesy of  Marty LaVor, except for the one shown above of Marty and Cleve (courtesy of Dr. Luisada).  Marty is the one with the camera (humor).